About Us

Goodtime was founded by true patriots who believe in creativity of Indians. In today's globalized world, India has to do it's part of manufacturing to survive. In many areas, India is yet to create our signature. Premium lifestyle product is such an industry. The obsession was started in 2012 having a lot of admiration towards great product designers and designs around the world. Idea was to supply custom made products as per the requirement of architects and interior designers.

Leather is the key material for us. With the advantage of having some of the Leather experts in the industry, we have decided not to use the low quality Indian Leather in Sofas. Leather we use is imported from various parts of Europe, especially from Milan, Italy. Leather should undergo very sophisticated chemical processing to become a good upholstery material. Many of such chemicals used are banned in India.

As Leather is expensive, we needed a process which is able to catch up some faults before try making it. After working on premium Italian Leather sofa product brands, we have noticed that none of the companies use the support of 'Computer Aided Design' for product design. It is possible to catch around 30% of the faults by modeling it. If we are not convinced, then we try it with fabric upholstered. We invented a process and part of that started to save the Leather patterns. Repeatability and avoiding communication gap were the other key challenges when we started. With use of quality materials and supervision on every stage, we achieve the best products.